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38 responses to “Vote or Fold ’06

  1. What can I do to gambel on the Internet

  2. J. Austin Bennett

    I registered to vote as a Republican on my 21st birthday after reading Barry Goldwater’s book THE CONSCIENCE OF A CONSERVATIVE. I wanted to show my support for a party that embraced the ideals of individual liberty and responsibility.

    Today, I look at a party that has designated “free speech zones”, entered my home with the passage of a law that impedes my participation in my favorite hobby, and desires, in the next Congressional session to monitor every site accessed by any American on their computer. Additionally, with the passage of the Pariot Act (an act that would make the patriots of Ben Franklin’s time shudder and take up arms), I live in a land where people can be made to “disappear” at the whim of a well connected political figure.

    I was brought up to believe that the United States was a free speech zone. I learned in school that everyone is entitled to a fair trial and is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The fundamental principle of American law was to protect your right to swing your fist up to the point of my nose.

    On Nov. 7th, we will go to the polls. A party that has lined their pockets with more pork than any Congress in our nation’s spotted history does not deserve my support. Intrusions on the rights of a formerly free people can be redressed with the power of the ballot.

    The GOP is no longer the party of Barry Goldwater or Ronald Reagan. I more likely resembles the party of Adolf Hitler.

    You and I have had our personal rights trampled and in a very underhanded manner. Use that poweer we still retain and vote on Nov. 7th. When you do, remember these words penned 250 years ago by a British historian named James Tyler.

    “Any group of people ultimately receive the kind of government they deserve.”

  3. J. Austin Bennett

    Sorry about the two typos.

  4. Don’t waste your time looking at who voted aye or nay – these were votes for a Port Security Bill that the poker ban got linked to at the last minute by the only people in Congress who have the power to do so – the Republicans.

    And, yes, they are Republicans in name only – these clowns are not for smaller government – they are only in it for themselves – to get themselves re-elected.

    Vote Democrat in 2006 – please.

  5. I have always voted for candidates that I thought most represented my values and beliefs. For the past 25 years that has mostly been Republican.

    I have written my representatives in the House and the Senate (which are all Republican, by the way), emailed them, and called. They have become strangly silent. They don’t want to answer my questions of how they would vote on this issue and I think it is because they fear their time in office at risk.

    For that reason, I am voting against the incumbant until such time as the incumbant starts representing me (or at the very least, the majority.)

  6. Vote for making it illegal to gamble online

  7. I am beginning to understand why online poker has been treated the way it has by the USA. I have noticed more and more “favoritism” of the same players on every site. It make me wonder if all these poker sites I have been playing on for so many years, have decided to take what they can and run. It seems there is no regulation at all for “fair play”, which means they can operate any way they feel … even if it means cheating their customers out of millions of dollars, every day! The online poker world is starting to feel more like an arcade game, then a poker game.

  8. I am for the right to gamble on the internet. But be careful with single issue voting, however! Don’t you remember events that happened when Clinton was elected president. He instituted a presidential order offering citizens a reward for ratting out their neighbors for possible unlawful actions, and the numbers of reported incidents went up 8 fold. Isn’t this what the communists used to require of their citizens? Three swing votes in the sentate would have changed our health care system, (the best in the world despite its flaws) to the Hillary Clinton socialized medicine scheme. No extortion. Just negotiate with your representatives ongoing about this issue, otherwise, we will come off as fringe radicals. J.L.Smith

  9. Parry, tell us why it should be banned. Is it your higher morals?

    If so, I encourage you to get off your high horse and read up on why this country was established in the first place.

  10. I play Poker regularly and played online. The biggest threat to our freedom to play Poker today is the liberal Democratic Party and the Muslums coming into our country and those already here. Also our blindness to the damage our open borders are causing will distroy this freedom we love and then Poker will not be played anywhere here or online.

  11. Poker is a game skill such as playing bridge.

    Why is cash horse racing bets accepted on the internet and not poker?

  12. Jeff Chapin Johnson

    As my good friend LJ says, “Voting Republican is like getting raped in prison, it hurts and it’s not good for your ass.”

    Thanks, LJ, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  13. President Truman often made reporters play poker with him before he would give a press conference. Pursuit of happiness is listed as our Constitutional right. Poker for entertainment is an American pastime. Begging congress to regulate our “right to pursue happiness” in any way we choose so long as we don’t infringe on any one else’s right is un-American. We don’t need no stinking permission! We should demand the law be repealed and threaten to oust all those who voted for it.

  14. Patrick Harrington

    The biggest threat to our freedom is unfortunately those who wish to impose their morals on others. Participation in poker and gambling are choices people make. Freedom of choice is disappearing to the new theocracy being created by the religious right. Freedom and democracy are not the same thing, example Hamas winning elections in Palestine. Freedom requires tolerance of those who have different beliefs. The Declaration of Independence was written based on John Locke’s theory of natural rights, that one can do whatever they please as long as it doesn’t infringe upon another person’s ability to do as they please. We have lost sight of that. But the biggest part of this hipocrisy is that there are casinos in 48 out 50 states, state lotteries prey on the impoverished, and quickdraw machines are placed in bars (at least in NY). How can something be considered legal in the physical world, but illegal in the cyber world. Politicians and are system are broke. While it may be a wasted vote, I support the concept of a third party and will be voting down the line next week. This country needs a change, and a return to the principles it was founded on. If someone’s actions don’t agree with you, but don’t affect you, than you need to learn tolerance. Only than will freedom exist.

  15. To answer a few who questioned why “horse racing gambling was legal” and not “on-line poker” is, it is taxed, provides jobs in the industry and a venue for the general public to attend(physycally if they want to). That DOES NOT make me agree with the legislation. I am an adult, please dont legislate how I spend my time!

  16. Hey everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone thinks that the bill could be revoked on the basis of descrimination. In particular, those people who have social phobias of crowded (agoraphobia) spaces but still enjoy gambling. It is just a thought.


  17. If you believe the Republicans are trampling our liberties (which they are), then don’t vote Democrat – they just trample different liberties.

    Do what I did. I changed my registration from Republican to Libertarian and plan to vote accordingly.

  18. Parry, yuo ned to lern too splel beofre yuo try to gevi yuor opimon

  19. Do not mistakenly think this ban is about religion. This is all about money. Banning online gaming is just the first step in regulating and taxing this lucrative industry. When it comes back, our government will have its greedy fingers deep in the pie.

  20. This bill was written with good intentions, so was the Atomic Bomb. No one wants to see some jerk gamble their pay check away, to them this bill will stop them in some way. Playing poker is a past time for us and will be long after we are gone, this bill only got through because it was put with Home Land Security bill alone it would have never gotten through the House. I’m sure that in time it will be reversed

  21. As with everything else this Congress, Presidency and Supreme Court has done for the last 6 years it’s bottom line is corruption, deception, thievery and facism in the truest sense of the word. We will get what we deserve if we don’t do something about it, and the first step is to vote. Stay away from the Republican owned Diebold machines if possible. Unfortunately that is a problem we won’t be solving until the Democratic party (the party for the people, by the people and of the people) takes overs.

    Democratic or Republican, vote! It is SO important. What I do in the privacy of my home is my business and I don’t want or need a moral majority (which is the most immoral of all) dictating to me what I want or need. I am within the law and I am with the US as a majority in the decisions we all make! We just need to make smarter decisions, and that time is coming on November 7th!

  22. Be careful what you wish for- Don’t vote Democrat! Big government bureaucrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer aren’t going to protect your individual liberties. They like bans and regulations, not people making their own decisions.
    The Republicans have disappointed, but they are the lesser of two evils. If you must cast a protest vote, vote Libertarian.

  23. I have been a lifelong Conservative and Republican. Sadly, the two are no longer synonymous. The Republican Party has dramatically expanded the role of the Federal government. It further intrudes into our personal lives and steadily erodes our rights and freedoms. I can no longer hold my nose and vote for a party which does not represent me or my values.

    Alas, my gag reflex is still too strong to vote Democratic. As bad as our situation is, it is still marginally better than the Socialist platform they would offer.

    The only choice left is Libertarian. Am I throwing my vote away?
    No! I waste my vote and reward treasonous policies and actions only when I vote for either of the two prevailing parties.

  24. I have always been a Republican
    But after what the Republican just did to poker, I will never vote for them again.
    If i want to play online poker after a hard days work, I should be able to play -IT’S MY MONEY AND MY LIFE!.

    What has happened to this country lately? Sure semes going the wrong direction!
    I am so angry i even just supported:

    I will be voting on the Democrats the 7 November.

  25. Please !!! LEGALIZE FREEDOM , Every prohibition this country has ever tried to implement has blown up in the governments face . We all know what happened in the 1920’s with alcohol . The drug prohibition has led to thoussands of deaths , millions in prison , and wealth in the hands of the most dispicable people possible . The governments job is NOT to legislate where I spend my money .The Christian right is trying to implement some form of morality on the entire nation .They’re sooooooooooooooooooooo Rightous….. What a sanctimoniousness , hypocritical and scary group . In the end these people will harm America more than the Islamic fundamentalists .

  26. Christopher Brown

    Just a few thoughts on all that has transpired…

    I have spent the past few days conversing with some of the different people that voted this insipid act into place… Unfortunately, none of them had the backbone to stand up to Bill Frist. Even the Fed urged the Senator not to go forward with his plan… It just goes to show that our Government has no desire to listen to the people, just those that will get them re-elected.

  27. Daunya Moore Keeney

    Rex you’re a scary person. I do belive that a person’s ability to spell or not and to read or not has long been a dead issue when it pertains to the right to vote and hence express one’s opinion. If you would read your history books (instead of complaining about someone else’s ablity) you would find that tests to measure such ablilities were used throughout the south to prevent otherwise competent adults from voting. Should we revert and turn back the freedom clock and start requiring a spelling test? Where should the line be drawn? 5th grade? 8th grade? high school grad? college grad? Who do you include and who do you exclude. Be vary careful with your judgemental views, because when you start making declarations that a person should not do something or is not entitled to something because he or she lacks an ability that YOU deem vital it diminishes every other potentialy worthwhile utterance you issue. If you disagree with another’s view, say so, but do not deny his right to do the same.

  28. Learn to spell Rex, you sound like a 3rd grader who got his candy taken away. Just admit it, internet poker is right up there with porn and Americans are addicted to sins. Try doing something constructive on the internet rathe than crying about your problems

  29. it would be interesting to know how much the casinos have contributed to the politicians who voted for the ban.

  30. Just shut all casinos down and we wouldn’t have problems with politicians


  32. Why is cash horse racing bets accepted on the internet and not poker?
    Same as trading stock and mutual funds???

  33. If your worried about the money leaving the USA, then let US companies do it.)( and let me in on it) : )

  34. Play indoors what a laugh. Thats where you should be having sex

  35. This all just plain sucks,I can go down to the local casino and spend all my money there,and its LEGAL,but I can no longer spend my money on the same game in the comforts of my own home? Sounds like to me that some high ranking government policy maker had his young adult child run up a gabling debt and Dad found out about and cancelled it for the rest if us! Cant vote Democrat,Cant vote Republican Sounds like you just cant VOTE,I feel the end result is “IT WONT MATTER!” either way we’re screwed!

  36. It doesn’t matter that we play poker what matters is that they are not getting their cut and their buddies that bought and paid for them to be elected are getting cut out of the action. Rest assured once they can get the domestic casinos up and running online it will all be back. This is why they left the horse racing, lotteries etc off the list, follow the money.

    Both sides of the aisle want to screw you its just which position you want to be done in that you get to choose with a vote. But rest assured your gonna get screwed win/lose/draw. Now I am a criminal for gambling but Rep William Jefferson is still in office and running for re-election which he may just win after the feds find $90000 of their own marked money in his freezer? To many votes are bought and paid for with our tax money. I am afraid we have to wait for the pyramid scheme to colapse before we will get real change.

    Why do you think these big corps give the max campiagn contributions to both sides? Not out of a sense of fairness. The only reason you pay off both sides is so that no matter who wins your in their pocket and they will all come back for re-election checks. Thats why we need TERM LIMITS, even if I can get rid of my politician I can’t get the people in California and NY to change theirs. So they each come home with pork and we all think our local guy is great and the other states people are the problem so we send their collective failures back to fail more.

    If you wanted one side to win wouldn’t you only give money to one side? The only reason you would give the same to both is if you didn’t care who won. If you didn’t care who won would you really give anything to either? No not unless you want to own a politician DEM/REP take your pick the corps own them all and both sides know whats best for you. Now shut up and sit down, oh and give us 1/2 your paycheck so we can pay to make sure your not allowed to do anything YOU WANT.

    Talk about gambling, sending that much money every year to those fools so they can tell me what I can do with the little bit they were so kind enough to let me keep.

  37. This message has a two-fold purpose. First, to address the issues concerning “Parry” on this message board, your continuously obnoxious posts are by far the most hypocritical display I have been in a long time. You boast about how poker should be on the same level as “porn” in the eyes of Americans, and how we Americans should be doing more constructive things with our time. Yet, you are wasting more of your time bashing online poker players on a message board intended to support online poker, than we do playing the game. This leads us to one of two possible conclusions: you are only thirteen years old or younger, or a complete idiot. Either way, leave this space for opinions that actually matter.

    Secondly, I am a registered Republican, but regardless of who is the majority leader representing our government, it should never be lawful to attempt to ban online poker in the manner that our government pursued. Poker is a hobby of mine as well, and it is totally unjust to go about it this way. That is all I have to say.

  38. It’s not about religion it’s about money and security. Ever wonder why ALL of the on line gambling/poker sites are not in this country? Where does the money go? Who owns the on line casinos? We can’t play poker but we can go down to the gas station and buy lottery tickets because 50% of that dollar goes to taxes. Let online casinos operate from US soil and tax them. Let them operate in Vegas, Atlantic City or anywhere else. Let the government get their bite through tax collections. Vegas and A.C. pay taxes and still make a profit. I want to play poker just like most of you but I don’t want to see money going out of the country to maybe finance something that could be used against us or our troops overseas.

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