The Poker Players Alliance are looking for volunteers who are interested in the raising awareness of the PPA, its mission, and helping with membership drives on the local level, for example:

  • working with local cardrooms
  • working with local poker leagues
  • coordinating local PPA activities
  • distributing membership materials
  • creating local PPA chapters
  • contacting local media
  • getting involved with local elections

PPA has set a goal for 1 million members for 2007. We are over 100,000 strong now, so imagine if we played Doyle Brunson’s hand (10-2) and had each member talk to 10 poker players for 2 minutes about the PPA.

As the Member Action Network is in the planning stages, we would like to get feedback from our members and talk to those interested volunteering at the local level. Check out the PPA Member Action Network forums.

Please send ideas, feedback, interest to: volunteers@pokerplayersalliance.org

The Poker Players Alliance also invites artists and anyone else to create logos, slogans, online banners, print designs (bumper stickers, t-shirts), videos, and even songs. There are numerous ways to creatively express our voice about protecting poker player rights and making online poker legal.

While we can’t print and distribute these to supporters and members, we can put them in one central place online for others to download, print, and use at the local level. Spread the word about the PPA and defend your right to play poker.

Feel free to take a look at our key points in creating your work.

Send us your creations at volunteers@pokerplayersalliance.org and thanks for supporting the PPA and poker players everywhere.

For more ideas on what can be done, click here


3 responses to “Volunteer

  1. daniel laliberte

    I reside in Claremont NH. Poker is not legal here, except for charity functions.We are the first in the nation to vote, the Honorable Senator who will lead our efforts, is well aware of this.As New Hampshire goes so goes the nation.So if we can get NH legal i beleiveit would have a huge impact.Still would like to inform you, that i am willing to work with whoever you have here. dlaliberte1@yahoo.com

  2. I know poker will be regulated and soon, but right now the IRS does not care if it is legal.
    The current statutes are vague at best. Future legistation will not address this issue. I would like others interested in this area to contact me to decide how to keep poker legal AND FAIR.

  3. Perhaps update the page to reflect the new President of the PPA……


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