Key Points


Goals of the Poker Players Alliance (P.O.K.E.R.)

  • Protect poker players’ rights.
  • Organize poker players to impact public policy.
  • Keep poker legal in a secure, safe, and regulated place.
  • Educate the public about poker, the skill game.
  • Responsible Poker awareness.

Additional PPA Views

  • Poker is an adult game and that children should be actively prohibited from playing online. Regulation and affirmative legalization of Internet poker is the most effective way to accomplish this objective.
  • Prohibitions do not work. An enlightened approach to Internet poker is regulation, not prohibition, which will simply drive the industry underground
  • Poker is a skill game and should be evaluated as such, and not lumped into other games of chance or near chance.

Key Statistics

  • Estimated 55 million Americans played poker in 2005 (source: Luntz, Maslansky Strategic Research, 2006)
  • 23 Million Americans Play Poker on the Internet
  • 74% of Americans oppose a ban on internet poker (source: ICR, 2006)
  • $3.3 Billion could be raised for the federal government if the U.S. simply regulated the game (source: Internet Poker Industry and Revenue Analysis by Judy Xanthopoulos, Ph.D., 2006)

Talking to state or local representatives:

  • I am voter in your state/city election
  • I strongly oppose any legislation that would prohibit online poker, and urge my representative to vote against such legislation.
  • Poker is a skill game enjoyed by 70 Million Americans.
  • My representative should seek to regulate online poker much like the government regulates other forms of gaming, like lotteries.
  • Prohibitions don’t work. Any legislation that tries to ban online poker will only drive those players underground.