What Can I Do?

Suggested Ideas

Note: When discussing the Poker Players Alliance, please remember some key points (click here).

PPA Members and Concerned Citizens

  1. Vote! Find out where your state representatives stand on legalizing online poker and vote accordingly. Tell others about how you’re voting and why.
  2. Voice your opinion with phone calls or letters to your local media (newspapers, radio shows, local tv station).
  3. Sign up for the free PPA newsletter and get important notifications.
  4. Become a paid PPA Member or donate more.
  5. Tell a friend about joining the PPA [mail link]
  6. Volunteer at the local level, as well as in providing local information and support in the PPA Member Action Network forums.
  7. Have creative ideas? Make it happen!
  8. Have a website? Add a banner.

Poker Players

  1. Wear your PPA shirt when you go play at your local cardroom.
  2. Have “tableside chats” and talk about the PPA and the online poker ban with your fellow cardplayers at the table.
  3. Talk to your local cardroom manager about posting the latest newsletter, hanging a PPA poster, or displaying a brochure.
  4. Download, Print, and Distribute the latest issue of the newsletter or brochure.
  5. Take a picture of yourself in your PPA shirt at your favorite cardroom and send it to us or add it to our Flickr group page

Online Poker Players

  1. Change your poker player image or avatar to show the PPA logo.
  2. Have “tableside chats” and talk about the PPA and the online poker ban with other online players at the table.
  3. Get some fellow PPA supporters and ask your online poker site to offer a PPA membership drive tournament (example).
  4. Ask them to include information about the PPA in their next member newsletter.

Professional Poker Players

  1. Call us and leave a recorded message voicing your support for the PPA (example), email us for instructions.
  2. Send us an email with permission to use your quotes for membership materials.
  3. Mention the PPA (or wear your PPA shirt) in your media appearances for web, radio, print, or tv. (and let us know!)
  4. Ask poker players if they are familiar with the PPA, and urge others to get involved.

Poker Organizations, Industry Professionals, and Businesses:

  1. Offer special discounts or promotions to PPA members
  2. Link on your site to the PPA
  3. Add information about the PPA to your newsletters
  4. Sponsor events supporting the PPA
  5. Issue a press release or talk to local media about supporting the PPA
  6. Donate

Bloggers, Podcasters, and other Online Media Publishers

  1. Add a PPA banner or logo to your website. If there is not one you like, then feel free to create your own (and send us a copy too!)
  2. Post a blog, Record a podcast, or Edit/Upload a video about the PPA or H.R.4411. Notify us so we can tell other members about your work.
  3. Get on the PPA Action Alert Media List to help the PPA quickly publicize an Action Alert.
  4. Mention the PPA in your online poker communities, forums, and discussions.
  5. Join the PPA Myspace page.
  6. Join the discussion at the PPA Member Action Network Forum
  7. Add photos to the PPA Flickr group page
  8. Link to any of our websites.

You have other ideas? Send us an email and let us know


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