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  1. Party Poker is no longer allowing U.S. citizens to play with real money as of today…I withdrew the majority of my funds…they had a place for donations to fight the legislation and I gladly donated…I play on several other sites also…have you guys compiled or can you supply a list of other sites that will no longer allow real money play…Thanks

  2. lets put us back on on-line for real money poker

  3. I am an old man….I do not have a whole lot of life outside of poker anymore…I aspire to play in the WSOP or the WPT…I play some live poker but playing poker on real money tables online gives me the many many hours of practice that I need to achieve this goal…playing newbies and amateurs on the play money tables cannot give me the practice that I need to achieve my goal…I need the real money play online as much as I want it…thank you…

  4. I am 62 years old, partially crippled and don’t have much to do when the arthritis starts acting up except play on-line poker. It boggles my mind to know that the “powers-that-be” in Washington can take the one real enjoyment that I have left away without even asking my approval …. or anyone else’s!! Who gave them the right to tell us what is “good” for us and how to live our lives?? This seems to me to be a case of their projecting their own “moral” issues on us .. if that is indeed what possessed them to do such a thing. What has happened to our freedom? It seems to have been misplaced!!

  5. I think it is sad that the government wants to take away ADULT AMERICAN citizens’ rights’ to gamble on-line. I am 55 years old and disabled. My poker is the only enjoyment I have..I don’t drive , so I am home ALL DAY….To take away that right from me……(while on the other hand, making sure that illegals and convicts’ rights aren’t stepped on) is unjustafiable !!! The government is just mad because it can’t control it and get money from it. The government needs to be concerned with more dangerous things to America like,….terrorist, drugs, child abduction, etc. LEAVE us ADULTS alone and let us spend OUR money the way we see fit…It’s our money and it it isn’t hurting anyone for us to gamble !!!!

  6. Folks, prohibition didn’t work because people did what they wanted to and told the government to go to hell. Look into getting bank accounts outside the US and if need be subscribe to an anonymous proxy server. If it gets too hard to use Neteller etc. that is what I will do. If you lie down the government will let you.

    Use Google to find offshore banks use sites like proxify.com or findnot.com to hide yourself from ISP if it comes to that.

    So, far Ultimatebet and Fulltilt still work. Patronize them!

  7. There was a time when the constitution meant something. Not any more, I am afraid. For years, we have allowed the federal government to grow more and more powerful, because many of us perceived benefit in doing this. Simply, if it didn’t effect us directly, we didn’t give a damn. For years we have allowed the federal government free reign over our lives, our business, our families. Remember the words of Thomas Jefferson “Were [a right] to be refused, or to be so shackled by regulations, not necessary for… peace and safety… as to render its use impracticable,… it would then be an injury, of which we should be entitled to demand redress.”

    We have a dire need to address not only this prohibition of internet poker, but all infringement upon our rights as human beings. At this point, we seem to have more to fear from our own government than we do from any terrorist threat. If we vote out the “representitives” that piggy backed this bill on the Port Security Bill, another crop of corrupt “representitives” will take their place, and it will be business as usual in Washington D.C. They have too much power, and power corrupts. There must be fundimental change in government. That change starts with us.

  8. My friend in Montana owns two tables at local bars. I think the best thing is for poker players to get active in politics for 2008, more specifically Republican politics and the GOP primary elections. Press the Presidential contenders on issues important to Poker Players. My hunch, not confirmed, is that Rudy Giuliani probably has the best interests of the gaming community at heart.

    There’s been some talk of Wayne Root, Top Vegas Sports oddsmaker running in the GOP primaries for President. And 2004 Poker Champ Greg Rayman just announced he will run for VP on the Libertarian ticket. Both are welcome developments.

    For more info on Gaming interests involvement in GOP politics:


  9. Yeah,it’s really unAmerican to attempt such as this. As for me,I live near a fake casino,one that is totally randam number generated,and ,qiute frankly ,online gambling keeps me from making that 45 minute drive,which would inevitaly lead to a swift leaving of town,just another “loser”. You can’t beat a ramdom number generater. Why not stay home, play for a little money ,and have a great time?

  10. Hi All

    I have a simple question.

    Why are poker pro’s like Howard Lederer who play live poker exclusively, be so uptight about the online poker ban? Its not just him of course, its almost all poker pro’s who have taken a very vocal stance against any kind of ban. Its a simple question but its NOT a simple answer. Why would they care? What is in it for them?

  11. harvey nettles

    All but the last above, have said it all. I, too, am an older person and have great difficulty getting on a bus and taking a 4 hour round trip to Atlantic City to play my poker. Our rights, under this worst president ever, have negated our constituition and we must get them back.

  12. What ever happened to the “pursuit of Happiness”? How much longer are these ‘leaders’ going to continue to exclude us and our violated rights, What we do with our money we pay Taxes on, is our own business. Who are these people to tell us what we can and cant do with OUR money?

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