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In an effort to allow PPA members and supporters to discuss poker legislation and organize at the state and local levels for Poker Freedom Vote 2006, we have created a forum space for members to interact:

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Please register and post to start sharing thoughts and ideas with other PPA Members and supporters. Because these forums are just starting up, please help out by posting when you can.

These State and Local Chapter Forums are meant for PPA Members from the same areas to interact, discuss, and organize statewide and local initiatives to help raise awareness of the PPA and its mission. So if you want to start something or offer your local support, please register and post in the appropriate state forum.

These forums are new, so just posting a hello is important to help others feel more comfortable about getting involved.


161 responses to “Member Forums

  1. J. Austin Bennett

    I feel violated by the party of my choice. I registered to vote as a Republican at age 21. Now, this organization, the GOP, has effectively broken into my home to deny me one of the fundamental reasons for the U.S. Constitution, the pursuit of happiness.

    I fail to see how enjoying a session of online poker with other players from around the world in any way impacts the life of another person. It is shameful that we, as Americans, no longer enjoy the same rights as citizens of Romania and Russia.

    Please remember this as you enter the polling place on Nov. 7th.
    Be sure to vote!

    When you leave the voting booth, be certain to express your outrage to those exit pollsters. This will carry more weight than you can imagine after the election.

  2. John P. Scimone

    I sent an email to Danny Davis, Illinos rep and his reply was a one word answer : “NO.”. He would not support the exemption.

    For anyone in Illinois, do not vote for this goof.


    From: “Danny K. Davis” Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
    Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by Learn more
    To: “John Scimone”
    Subject: Re: Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006

    On 11/3/06, John Scimone wrote:

    November 3, 2006

    Danny K. Davis
    Ste 215-3333 West Arthington
    Chicago, IL 60624

    Dear Representative Davis:

    I am a member of the Poker Players Alliance and I will be voting in your

    Your stance on the following question will affect my vote and my
    endorsement to other voters:

    Would you support a bill that creates an online poker exemption from the
    Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006?


    John P. Scimone, CPA

  3. HELLO–

    I am a big supporter of the PPA. I am in contact with the home office. I noticed TWO MORE MAJOR ARGUEMENTS we can use. I am sharing this with members, to add to their letters.

    Please contact me, and I will share them with you.

    I think this Web Site is GREAT. I like all the links to different, interesting and important aspects. I welcome the opportunity to hear from you, and give you the additional two items to add to the letters.




    E MAIL

    Please be sure to include PPA in your subject line.

  4. I am still upset over the bill that was passed against our rights to do with our money as we want. I am a member of PPA and did send in the form letter. I also sent a e-mail to Sen. McCain that the bill was wrong and I was sure that it cost the GOP some votes and maybe even some seats. I rec’d that he support a bill to have this one over turned and that he was sure to recieve the thanks of about 10/20% of the USA voters that play poker on line. One other thing that is upsetting me is the WSOP saying that will not take payment for a seat at the WSOP from the online sites. Is this because of the law or did they probs with getting the money or do they want to limit the size of the WSOP. Also I have attempted to located the blogs or websites of some of the other players (pros or otherwise) and can not find them anyway you could put them in the newsletter.

  5. Sneaking that law into the Port Security Bill has made our government the laughing stock of the online poker world .

  6. Dear PPA members,

    I do not know if this website is legit or if the organization itself is. I submitted my membership money several months ago and have not heard a word from the home head quarters.I have recieved not a word. I have tried numerous times to contact the home office,but to no success.In the mean time I have been contacting my local and federal law makers with my concerns over the infringment of our freedom of playing the great game of poker online.But I would at least like to know if my money went towards anything but a scam. If it did,then lesson learned. If it didn’t,then I would love to be more involved and have some direction from the national level on best how to fight for our cause. Please someone,give me a sign that my money was not scammed and that it is being put to good use in the fight for us to return to the internet for the great game of poker and many other games of skill and chance. Thanks

    Thomas Carter

  7. Nice Post.

    That was well said. Always appreciate your indepth views. Keep up the great work!


  8. Thomas, I’m beginning to think I am having the same issue. My payment went through 2 weeks ago, and I haven’t received any email notifications, let alone the membership package. Obviously its only been 2 weeks in my case, I just find the lack of contact a little strange. I tried using the contact us page and putting in a contact request through their we form, but when I hit send it took me directly to a blank page, so who knows if it went through or not. Anyways let me know if you have any luck @ Hopefully the money is going towards these political goals which are important to me, if not then like you said, lesson learned. If everything works out I’ll put another post up. Hopefully the problem is that they are legit and too overwhelmed with new memberships.

  9. I did more research on message boards and such. It seems that alot of people did get everything and started getting notices and such, it just took about 8 weeks. So it looks legit. Once again I’ll update later.

  10. Patience gentlemen. I signed on several months ago, and since then the membership has swelled considerably. Due, I suppose to many, if not most, of the known Pros lending their support also. There’s been quite a membership push on Poker Stars, Full Tilt and other major sites. I did indeed get a shirt, sticker, card.. the whole thing. [shirt is very nice, btw!]. Just hang in….

  11. Dear poker players;
    I would like to inform you that there are many hoax sites out there to steal your personal information such as your SSN and credit cards. I was the victim myself at How did I get tricked? It is usually disguised as a tournament director and it makes an announcement at the site’s chat box where you play poker. It will give you a false web link so that you go there to claim the prize. I didn’t suspect any fraudulent activities at that time because of its affiliation with Chris Ferguson. And when you click on its link, it looks like a legit website of payment processors’ menu. And it will say that you need to upgrade your status to VIP so that you can quickly claim your prize since the Neteller no longer serve for US based players. After you finish the last step to upgrade VIP status, it will give you the fake transaction ID and amount of prize ($25,000).
    So, what did I do after I realized that this was the scam? I reported it to, and this is what I got from its representative.

    [[Hello Chris,

    Thank you for patience during this time.

    I have reviewed your account, and can confirm that your account has not
    been compromised. Therefore we have reopened your account.

    As a security precaution, we have reset your Full Tilt Poker account
    password at this time. You will receive an email shortly with your new
    temporary password, and we ask that you use this to log in to the
    the next time you attempt to log on. It will prompt you to create a new
    password. Please do not make this new password similar to your last

    If you gave out any additional information like your credit card
    PayPal/Neteller/ePassporte account numbers or even your Social Security
    Number, please contact these organizations IMMEDIATELY to prevent any
    fraudulent activity from occurring. It is also a good idea to change
    passwords that are linked with the accounts. Please visit to report the compromisation
    your Social Security Number.

    Remember that no one will ever ask you for your passwords for your
    account or your payment processors, not even support. Please always
    your passwords a secret. Just like credit card information or a bank
    card PIN number, Full Tilt Poker cannot be held responsible if you
    expose this information. No Full Tilt Poker employee or representative
    has access to your password, or any security details of your payment
    processor, such as your NETeller Secure ID.

    For other ways to protect yourself online at Full Tilt Poker, please

    Please let us know if you have any concerns and we will be more than
    happy to assist you further.


    Fraud Investigator
    Full Tilt Poker Support]]

    And also its representative mentioned something like this.
    [[We do try to educate players on password security, however many of
    tips go unnoticed. If you see at your login screen, there is a notice
    informing players that chat from Full Tilt Poker Support will always
    appear in green, and that we will never ask for account passwords or
    personal information. We also provide a link to our security page which
    provides information concerning hoax sites and other security issues
    ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim.]]

    So, from now on, you make sure GO to their poker websites and READ all the security information before you enter any prizes offered by them. When you fail to do so, you are going to be a victim. Now, I have to get a new credit card and to report this to Social Security office. Trust me on this…it is very inconvinient and time-consuming!!!

  12. First, I have always received exceptionally quick responses to emails to PPA.

    Second, not sure why anyone falling for such a farcical scam as the one on FTP is giving advice on being safe. Especially in comments on a posting. It seems more of an attempt to appear knowlegable. What Chris failed to mention was that the page ask for things that FTP already knows. In addition it asks for SSN, CC#, and bank account info. Sorry but you have to be greedy and gullable to buy into this. Which is exactly why they do it.

  13. William W. Grey

    Things are looking much better than a couple of months ago. Good move allowing membership at no expense. I am certainly against this 18 month study Congresswoman Shelley Berkley and Congressman Ron Porter plan to introduce. It only took a couple of months to take away our simple way funding our accounts, give it back or is this a stall, in hopes the public will forget?

  14. I dont want to cast down anyone who likes internet poker but I think we would be better served if we focus on live poker on a state by state basis. There are too many ways for internet poker to take your money. Remember you playing a computer and ther are programs one can purchase that tells you what cards everyone is going to get before you get them. Programs are just that and if someone can design one someone else can think of a way to misuse them.

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  19. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you


    This article forwarded to me, home game busted in bad way in San Mateo (CA). WTF? Anyone know more about this? I would imagine someone is organizing an approach to city hall, at least a town meeting but I’ve heard nothing. Please post more info if you have it.

  21. I received a card statement yesterday, and discovered that there was an unauthorized charge from the InfoSys Technologies LLC in the amount of $11.98
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    I wrote a letter about my problem to the noted e-mal address, and within 10 minutes I received a reply that the situation will be reviewed, and in about 5-6
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  22. MariaThereseRoth


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