Headlines: Frank – Time to fold on online gaming law

“Even seasoned gamblers love a long shot, so it’s no surprise that many will put their chips behind Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) when the Financial Services Committee chairman unveils legislation to roll back last year’s crackdown on Internet gaming.

He is holding a press conference Thursday to discuss his bill, which he characterized as a blanket repeal of the enforcement mechanism Congress approved in 2006. Frank has been a vocal critic of the current law already this year, encouraging bettors of every stripe who were caught off guard by last year’s crackdown. But he does not plan to actively sell this bill on the Hill after he introduces it; instead, he will wait to see if outside groups can do that for him.”

Politico (04/25/07)


One response to “Headlines: Frank – Time to fold on online gaming law

  1. William W. Grey

    Congressman Frank it is pleasure to see a Member of Congress try to right a wrong. I, and my fellow members of PPA are behind you 100%. As soon as your bill becomes public, my Senators and Representatives will be hearing from me immediately, by mail and phone. I appreciate the job you are doing.

    William W. Grey w.grey@sbcglobal.net

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