Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (3/20/07)

EDITORIAL: Repealing bogus Web gambling ‘ban’ (Las Vegas Review-Journal, 03/19/07)
“Congress should repeal its Internet gambling “ban,” but not because this 21st-century form of commerce needs to be taxed. It’s foolish for lawmakers to believe they can simply make an extremely popular, leisure-oriented industry vanish with a stroke of their pens. Every kind of business has or wants a way to do business over the Internet, and that’s never going to change.”

“Join Poker Players Alliance” Says Top Gaming Attorney Anthony Cabot (PokerPages.com, 03/20/07)
“Cabot posted a memorandum in the forum of major poker information portal 2+2 this week. In it he urges players to join the PPA so their voices will be heard in government. “If poker players want to regain their rights, they need to ban and act together,” stressed Cabot. “Congress will not act to protect your rights unless they think by not doing so it may impact their ability to get reelected.”


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