Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (3/08/07)

High-profile senators launch bid for casino gambling in Texas (Houston Chronicle, 03/07/07)
“Ellis and Carona said they would be working closely with Flores. They said they would oppose a gambling measure that allows only video slot machines at tracks without establishing full resort casinos. On Thursday, Rep. Jose Menendez, a San Antonio Democrat, filed legislation seeking to regulate poker in Texas. It would allow up to four live or electronic poker tables at establishments meeting certain requirements and would allow charitable poker.”

Interview With Newest PPA Member Al D’Amato (CardPlayer, 03/07/07)
“The following is roughly the first half of a cover story by Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, Card Player’s legal expert, with the newest member of the Poker Players Alliance, former New York Senator Al D’Amato. The entire interview will appear in the next issue of Card Player Magazine, which is due out later this month. Shulman sits on PPA’s board and was granted the first official interview with D’Amato after he took the position.”

Big hands earn big rewards (Hutchinson Leader, 03/08/07)

“Lee plays at the Elks Club in Hutchinson, one of the 64 bars in the northern region of the Minnesota Poker League. A total of 97 players qualified, and despite the winter’s most threatening weather of the season, 91 players showed up. Called the new bingo, Texas Hold’em poker attracts people of all ages. It’s featured on television and in tournaments around the nation.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Bill! (Pokerati, 03/08/07)
“HB 3186 was filed today in the Texas House. If you want to play poker in Texas legally, this is the best flag we have to fight under. I encourage you to read the bill or at least the press release pasted below. This is going to be a tough, potentially long fight. I’ll begin posting more regularly as our bill moves through the Legislature. The first step will be to get a hearing in the House committee after it is referred. HB 3186 should be referred to committee early next week.”


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