Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (1/19/07)

The Future Of Online Poker – My Opinion (Counting My Outs, 01/19/07)
“Now having a couple of days to think about the future of online poker after the Neteller exit from the U.S., my crystal ball is telling me that things look very bleak for the U.S. online poker player.”

Sorry Amy, The Sky Is Falling (Bill Rini, 01/18/07)
“And it doesn’t take a new law. All they have to do is implement the UIGEA. Part of the act called for coding banking transactions. Once they force XYZ Payment Solutions to report the true nature of their business . . . well, they just turn off acceptance of those transactions. Can XYZ claim to be a legitimate eWallet? Sure, but it’s still not major feat to identify them and block them.”

How to fix this Neteller mess (PokerStage, 01/19/07)
“But in the sense that I write about this industry that just took another kick in the junk, it affects indirectly to a great degree. But it’s okay, I know how to fix it. No one with the power/authority to do anything will actually read this, but I will scream into the void anyway. Throw more money at the problem.”


5 responses to “Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (1/19/07)

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  2. i think we should do this with help from all the sites and all of their players not just the big names but lower level players could also donate whatever they could.

  3. Just wanted to make sure you guys know that I don’t blame the PPA for not winning this fight. I blame the big money in the industry for not giving you enough bullets. I wholeheartedly support your work and have been a member ever since I heard about the PPA. But right now you’re taking a water pistol to a gunfight until the industry steps up and puts some serious cash behind you.

    Maybe they’ll listen if it comes from you.

  4. I had a poster today post this idea:

    “What about a charity-based site set up by some forward thinking individuals right here in the U.S.? Something totally legit that this crucifying law doesn’t address. If these stoic politicians can’t see the tax dollars that regulation would generate, let’s put this cash into charity coffers. Does this sound like WIN-WIN? No individual or corporate profit, just us poker lovers enjoying our game to benefit others. May some of the Poker Millionaires group up and get it done?”

    This is a very interesting idea. At a minimum, it could go a long way towards exposing the hypocrisy of this travesty.

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