PPA President: Regarding Neteller

taken from the Poker Player Alliance Forums:

Unfortunately Neteller was handling transactions for internet sportsbooks as evidenced in the complaint. Internet sportsbooks are illegal per the Wire Act as clarified by the ruling in Mastercard R: Federal Appeals Court Circuit 5 from the reading of the findings:

“The district court concluded that the Wire Act concerns gambling on sporting events or contests and that the Plaintiffs had failed to allege that they had engaged in internet sports gambling.”

I feel that it is a shame that the most transparent and trusted payment processor received the DOJ’s focus, and that this type of prohibition is the wrong direction for our country to proceed, for poker players and non-poker players. We should develop legislation that encourages greater transparency not less.

My lobbying team and I have been meeting with congressional offices since the session started and obtaining more information on the best way to proceed and looking for sponsors and co-sponsors of poker friendly legislation. This is not a simple issue and requires the time now to best understand what is the “ask” that will deliver results for poker players.

We believe that we can get legislation introduced this session and hopefully we can get the poker community behind such a legislative approach.

Michael Bolcerek


2 responses to “PPA President: Regarding Neteller

  1. Dear michael,
    Thank you for your reply to the netteller case.I just finished reading the forum where a few members seemed unhappy with P.P.A if they only understood what it takes to start an organization like yours.My only advise to them is that they have to understand the P.P.A is no different than a great poker player .First you need a good strategy,next after you have a read on your opponents and where you stand execute your plan and once you do that it takes patience’s and a little luck.This legislation against us is just another bad beat,as poker players we learn from our bad beats and move on to be better players.If your already a member please have a little patiences and faith in the management of this fine organization,if your not a member yet please become one and stan united behind us /When your cards are running run with them /when their not run faster Ron Savage

  2. Thanks for the news, Sorry if I am not know the mean of your language. I hope you to comment in my blog. Okey

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