Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (1/18/07) 3rd Ed.

Neteller exits; online gambling won’t (The Journal News, 01/18/07)
“Though payment processor Neteller PLC is the latest and largest such company to pull out of the lucrative but illegal U.S. online gambling market, industry observers said other e-wallet sites would come forward to take its place. The arrest of its founders Monday on U.S. soil on money laundering charges and the company’s delicate position as a publicly traded British company forced it to cease handling U.S. betting transfers as of Thursday.”

Opinion: Online Gaming: The Sky Isn’t Falling….Yet (PokerNews, 01/18/07)
“And it is likely that other funding companies will join suit, as Citadel has, rather than risk facing criminal charges from a zealous US Department of Justice. While there is a big dark cloud hanging over the online poker community this week, it is hardly the stuff that Chicken Little feared.”

NETeller exit pushes players to other options (RGT Online, 01/18/07)
“NETeller’s sudden exit from the U.S. market has players searching for new ways to transfer money to and from their favorite online casinos. In a survey of 10 major online gaming sites, six e-wallet options appeared several times, making them the most likely choices to replace NETeller.”


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