Media: “The State of Play: America and Online Poker” videos

“The State of Play: America and Online Poker” are awareness videos created by the Poker Players Alliance. Feel free to link or embed the video on your site, blog, or forum.

There are two versions available:

version 1:

version 2:


5 responses to “Media: “The State of Play: America and Online Poker” videos

  1. Okay, the agenda then is to license, regulate and tax the industry.

    This rest ad seemed just so much (deserved) fesis slinging at the evil neo-con republicans. Also, That random cut to “…our next guest…in Texas when someone’s coming at you…” clip set you up for the expectation of seeing that guest, it was a little jarring the first time through.

    I assume this is not intended for general public consumption, but rather industry members because it also feels a bit insidery with too many “Who is that Guy?” people… Mike Sexton, gets a pass, Furgeson, I suppose, but industry reps, even for insiders they are sometimes unknowns. Finally the audio is equally jarring with different vocies, audio level throughout.

    First one seemed a bit more coherant then the second… neither tell me what to do other then visit PPA.. please tell people what to do when they get to PPA… E.G. Send your reps a letter by Clicking Here! Do your part! Save Poker! Motivate your audience!

    First one seemed a bit better then the second, but both felt like C (high C) work in a sophomore Moving Images Arts class.


    That’s my two cents,

    Just another person that wants to see poker saved.

  2. Please lose the rap music. “Fight the Power” from 1989 a black power fight the white establishment song? If you didn’t notice nearly every person in the video is white as are nearly all the cardplayers in an area without a significant asian population.

    Secondly we get “Fight for your Right to Party” from 1986? An adolescent rebellion song? That’s embarrassing.

    Plus showing a bunch of self-serving gambling execs suggesting that “we should tax it or get we’ll get a black market”. That’s even more ridiculous. We already have a black market. Internet gambling has always been in a legal gray area the entire time its’ been in business. The black market has worked just fine. Party Poker wasn’t legal but they treated everyone good and used IGMPAY to process their transactions.

    Also these execs frequently are in favor of government regulation. I think that Party Poker, Poker Stars, etc. have done very well and run a very honest business without government regulation. The eagerness of everyone to tax it will likely lead to increased rakes, reduced bonuses, etc.

    MGM Mirage offers nothing but negative expectation games worldwide. Who wants to get on board with them? If it’s legal for Americans to play poker in our country and it’s legal for Americans to play poker overseas, why can’t we do it at home? That’s the key point.

    Also the video implies that Bush signed the Safe Port Act solely for the purposes of blocking internet gambling which is not the case. Please stick to a legal argument that states that we should have the same freedom to gamble online that we would at a local casino.

    How about a video showing a series of regular middle-class Americans who are allowed to play poker at their local cardroom but not online where it’s legal. The Allaince is supposed to be composed of poker players, not poker executives primarily interested in their own financial situation.

    Also, promote the idea of poker as a game of skill versus the negative expectation games of luck that MGM Mirage peddles to the public. Poker players want fair low rake games available to them 24/7 online. We should not have to drive across town and sit on a waiting list for 2 hours to play poker.

  3. Lorraine Pickard

    Eric! This is about online poker………. Whats with all the “black, white, asian” stuff? We wanna play poker online without repurcusions…… even those of us who are sorta purple (and my polka dotted brother-in-law). Stick to the issue

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