PPA President: Looking for Local Representatives

Dear PPA Member:

In 2007, the Poker Players Alliance will be undertaking a nationwide campaign to raise awareness and recruit new members.  While we have strong membership in nearly every state, we want to formalize our presence by establishing Directors, Representatives at the State, Regional and local levels who will work directly with us to help grow and represent the organization.  Since the PPA is a not-for-profit organization, this will be a volunteer position.  Member representatives will receive guidance and support from the PPA.

The new State Directors will play an important role in the future of the Poker Players Alliance.  As the recent election showed, poker players are becoming a voice that cannot be ignored.  Harnessing that power on a state-by-state basis will be an essential element of our continued success.

The PPA is interested in:

– Motivated and energetic individuals who are passionate about promoting and defending the game of poker.
– Individuals who are creative self-starters and are able to organize others, and activities at a local level.
– People who are politically connected to their elected officials, or have a willingness to engage political figures on poker issues.
– People who will be comfortable talking with the media, both print and broadcast, on issues important to the poker playing community.

If you are 21 years old or over and feel you fit this description, the PPA wants to hear from you.  Please send us, via e-mail (rep@pokerplayersalliance.org), a 250-500 word essay on why you want to be and should be a PPA State Director (please put “State Director” in the subject line).  All PPA members who submit an essay will be given careful consideration by our selection board.

Please include your name, address, state and zip code in your e-mail and the role for which you would like to volunteer.  If you have your membership number please include this in your e-mail.

The deadline for submission is January 5th, 2007.

Decisions will be made by mid-January.

Thank you for all you do for poker.  We look forward to receiving your essays over the coming days!


2 responses to “PPA President: Looking for Local Representatives

  1. Since I’m retired after 45 years in gaming (mostly poker) I would be most happy to volunteer, however at seventy four years of age I don’t get around like I used to. If and when you appoint a representative in my area (Fresno, California) I would be available for projects like correspondence. I’ve already wrote letters to major newspapers in California, all of Iowa over 5000 circulation,all of Pennsyslvania, some in Oregon. and a few in New Hampshire. Please advise in what way I can help.

  2. I’m not politically connected so I wouldn’t make a good State Director, however I would like to work on this with whoever is ultimately chosen as Director. We should have a central area on the web site (the state forums?) for recruiting lower level volunteers like me and the previous responder, and for coordinating efforts both within and between states. For example, sharing information between the states on what techniques seem to work best and what obstacles to expect. Learning from each other’s experiences should accelerate the rate at which we become an effective organization.

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