Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (11/30/06)

Pa. governor vows to reject bill to legalize casino table games (Mercury News, 11/30/06)
“Gov. Ed Rendell said Wednesday that he would reject any legislation seeking to legalize table games before the state has a chance to gauge the success and impact of slot machines. “We have to make sure that over time, the expansion of gaming is successful, it works well, and whatever negative sides there are to it, that we control them,” Rendell told reporters at an unrelated event in the Capitol.”

A Veteran Moderate Moves On (Washington Post, 11/30/06)
“Leach, who once had been chairman of the Banking and Financial Services Committee, would have been in line to head the Committee on International Relations in the next Congress, had Republicans maintained their majority and had he been re-elected…But this year, two special factors helped tip the balance against him. First, he became a target for crafting the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which passed Congress as part of a larger bill in October and was signed into law just before the election.”

Chelsea’s suspends Tuesday bingo (The Daily Reveille, 11/30/06)
“According to Title 55 of Louisiana Administrative Code, subsection six, businesses without gambling licenses cannot provide gambling paraphernalia to customers. Gambling paraphernalia includes “but is not limited to playing cards, poker chips, tokens, markers, buttons, card tables, dice, seating cards and containers or other means of storage of wagers for safekeeping during any prohibited game…”


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