Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (11/17/06)

Poker players: We helped beat Leach (Des Moines Register, 11/17/06)

Poker Lobby & AGA groups aim to end Online Gambling Bill (Eye On Gambling, 11/17/06)

Poker most wanted game at casinos (Indianapolis Star, 11/17/06)

Survey shows Leach reelection hurt by online gambling policy (PokerListings, 11/16/06)


Poker players: We helped beat Leach (Des Moines Register, 11/17/06)

“Advocates of online gaming are taking credit for playing a role in the Nov. 7 defeat of longtime Rep. Jim Leach of Iowa, a chief backer of a new law that effectively outlawed gambling on the Internet. Leach, a Republican from Iowa City, lost his bid for a 16th term in a stunning upset to Democrat David Loebsack of Mount Vernon, as Democrats swept offices across the country and took control of the U.S. House and Senate…”

Poker Lobby & AGA groups aim to end Online Gambling Bill (Eye On Gambling, 11/17/06)
“The Poker Players Alliance and executives for the American Gaming Association (AGA) say they are hopeful that the recent political changes in the U.S. Congress will help them overturn the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA). You may recall how the UIGEA was appended onto to the sure-to-be-passed Safe Port Bill when most Senators had already cast their votes and left, in the final hours before the Republican-controlled Congress adjourned for mid-term elections…”

Poker most wanted game at casinos (Indianapolis Star, 11/17/06)
“As a revenue source, poker rooms will never rival other areas of the casino. The house makes its money by keeping a percentage of each pot, known as a “rake.” This is usually not more than $5 a hand, which in the long run means a poker room is far less profitable than a craps pit. But casinos also know they can’t afford not to have the hottest game around…”

Survey shows Leach reelection hurt by online gambling policy (PokerListings, 11/16/06)
“The PPA, with the help of the polling organization RT Strategies Inc., conducted an automated telephone survey of 1,033 voters in the district. Of the respondents, 100% had voted this year, with 50% voting for the democrat candidate David Loebsack, 48% voting for Leach, and 2% couldn’t remember who they voted for. Thomas Riehle of RT Strategies told news sources, “This was an awful close race. It looks like on balance, Leach’s position on Internet gambling hurt him more than it helped him…”


6 responses to “Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (11/17/06)

  1. Dear Fellow Poker Players,
    This approach, and the wording of the letter to the Congressmen,seems on the surface to be good. Done and worded in a High Class way, it would be.
    I can best give my feelings by giving here a copy of what I sent to Linda Johnson. The E Mail address to the “Poker Players Alliance” is returning my E Mail to Linda, so I plan a long distance call to her Monday. Meanwhile I give my E Mail address in the letter to Linda. If any of you would like to have my reasons, and discuss this, E Mail me with “Poker Players Alliance” in the subject line, and I will answer you as soon as I can with solid examples. Here is the E Mail to Linda.
    Dear Linda,
    First I want to say I have followed your career for a long time–through the Card Player Magazine. I was involved with both Card Player and it’s predesesser. I have, for a long time, had the highest respect for you and what you have accomplished and stood for.
    I have years in ‘Vegas–both as a player, but friend to such as Jackie Gaughn and others. I come from a family of Las Vegas residents–my niece, brother and my Mom and Dad. I used to visit them often–they had a home in Spanish Oaks (West Sahara–1/2 mi. off the strip.)
    I have to, sadly, say I am ashamed of “Poker Players Alliance”–and, therefore ashamed not of you, Linda, but ashamed for you.
    As for Michael Bolcerek, he may be a qualified individual. However, given his credentials, he has shown nothing but ignorance on a major issue, and, sadly, needs to be removed.
    I have been ignored–but no more. My last hope is to talk to you by telephone and hope you have a better alternative. My plan as of now is to contact every poker operation you represent, some of whom I am a member of, as well as the poker rooms of all the Las Vegas Hotels, and give them some very convincing reasons why they would be FAR BETTER OFF to withdraw from the “Poker Players Alliance”. Of course, Linda, I will give them some good, solid alternatives. We can REALLY turn this legislation around. But not like this.
    Sad day in Poker when these steps have to be taken, but it is in the best interests of the poker community of which I have been a part for many years, and love and respect dearly. They deserve better than this–and need to be given, detailed, the reasons why.
    Jeffrey Singer
    E Mail js121840@yahoo.com

  2. Hello–
    I have since been contacted by a decent man who wanted to know my reasons for the comment. I appreciate this very much.Since he contacted me, I was actually going to remove the above blog. But there is no way to remove it that I know.
    My only problem with Mr. Bolcerek is that he promised to keep me updated after our conversation, and I received nothing. After Mr. Grey contacted me, I have decided not to do the above negative things IF, and since, I now have have someone to work with who is reasonable and doing a lot of good work for all of us.
    But, it appears, it took the above blogg to get anyones attention.

    I wrote Mr. Grey that I am not trying to hurt you in this cause–I am trying to help you (and all of us).

    The letter, as it is being sent out, threatens the Congressperson. We must act like the High Class people we are in the Poker Community. The “I am mad” at the start is appropriate for a low class person at Sears and Roebuck returning a defective toaster.
    The last line “I am a voter and I remember” is cheap rhetoric. Further, no matter how disguised, is a threat. It is a form of “force”. This never works–never has. Did it work in Iraq or Viet Nam? Did it work within our government? OR, ARE WE NOT CHANGING TO STOPPING THE FORCE, AND USING MORE ELOQUENT METHODS?
    What happened is that we have all been sold on “Assertiveness quackery”. In some, infrequent applications, assertiveness, if done correctly, is needed. However in this, and in most ways it is used, ASSERTIVENESS IS JUST ANOTHER NAME FOR “RUDENESS WITH A SUGAR COATING”.

    “I am mad” and “I remember” are rude. We must, as the Poker community, stay and keep ourselves above that level.

    I have years of successful true stories I can share with anyone interested.People, who were totally hostile, have been turned around.
    If anyone has ever read the classic, “Dale Carnegie, ‘How to win friends and influence people'” will see a book devoted to elimination of the “Defective toaster” approach.

    Again–I am not trying to hurt anybody or any cause. I have strong Las Vegas ties and have been a part of the Poker Community for many years. But this needs to be done with the eloquence and dignity befitting our group. We can still be strong. Eliminating the force, being dignified, and keeping ourselves above that level will only make us stronger.


    Jeffrey Singer

  3. Hi William,
    I received your letter where you saw and stated “After careful thought, I think another choice of language would have been more effective”. I suspect what you saw was, more simply, that it is a horrible letter.

    William, I want that letter changed to a decent one. It was written by a Public Relations Firm that was hired. All the members need to know how terrible it is, and what damage it will do to our image to allow that “redneck at sears returning a toaster” mentality to exist.

    I don’t care who writes the final letter. I care very much that it be done. So far, I seem to be the only one who can write that letter. I welcome anyone else if they are more qualified. But, when I see that a P R firm operates with “street punk behavior”, I have to wonder where Michael Bolcerek was at, and why he or no one else saw the cheap, low class approach.
    Until and unless something eloquent that is befitting the fine people I know in the Poker Community–with class and dignity, then, until then, funds should not be sent to the “Alliance” from individuals until some “Class” and “Dignity” pervades the communication.

    We deserve no less. I am waiting to talk to Linda before proceeding. If SOMEONE–ANYONE–shows some intelligence, I will be co-operative and work with them fully.

    I remind you, and this is so important, I AM NOT TRYING TO HURT YOU IN ANY WAY; I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU.
    If no one cleans this up, I will need to voice this in blogs and individual E Mails to everyone. You and Linda are my last hope.
    I ask that you E Mail me, and cover the above. Most of all, I appreciate, William, that you were the only one with the decency to respond to me, and that tells me you are the High Class Guy who can change the “redneck language”–I believe you can do it.


    Jeffrey Singer
    E MAIL js121840@yahoo.com

  4. Hello–
    I have since received massive support and co-operation, and we are working well together. I have two major additions to the proposed letter. They are powerful arguements in favor of the PPA.

    I welcome sharing these additional things to add to letters to Congresspersons and others.

    Please E Mail me for the items to include. I am very impressed as I examined the Web Site and all the links.



    E MAIL js121840@yahoo.com


  5. HELLO–

    I am a big supporter of the PPA. I am in contact with the home office. I noticed TWO MORE MAJOR ARGUEMENTS we can use. I am sharing this with members, to add to their letters.

    Please contact me, and I will share them with you.

    I think this Web Site is GREAT. I like all the links to different, interesting and important aspects. I welcome the opportunity to hear from you, and give you the additional two items to add to the letters.




    E MAIL js121840@yahoo.com

    Please be sure to include PPA in your subject line.

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