Activist Tip#7: Write a Letter to the Editor


Update: William W. Grey had another letter to the editor published in the Lake County Record Bee (11/21/06)  [thanks William!]

This “Letter to the Editor” from PPA member William W. Grey was recently published in the Simi Valley Acorn (11/10/09):

Looking for support from online poker players

Approximately 20 days ago the Senate passed the Port Security Bill.

Attached to this bill, which apparently few senators knew about, was HR 4411-the antionline gambling bill.

Thousands of people are angry at the deceitful manner used by Sen. Bill Frist to obtain passage.

I am an online poker player and like thousands and thousands of other online players we are not going to stand by and let the government tell me what I can do or cannot do in my home.

I belong to the Poker Players Alliance, with approximately 120,000 members and the membership is growing every day.

The goal of the Poker Players Alliance is to have legislation passed in Congress that will exempt online poker from any and all anti-online gaming laws.

We wish the industry to be regulated, in order for this to happen companies or casinos in this country would have their own poker sites.

At this moment all gaming sites are on foreign soil. Let’s look at the advantages of U.S.owned poker sites: 1) players would feel secure, increasing the volume of players, 2) create many jobs, 3) profits remain in the United States, 4) the profits for the casinos would be taxed and players would be required to pay income tax on their winnings, 5) the government would get approximately $3 billion in taxes.

I urge you to go to and click on the Internet Poker Revenue Study on the right side of the page. This document will give you a lot of information.

William W. Grey Fresno, Calif.

For more ideas on taking action as a PPA Member, click here.


4 responses to “Activist Tip#7: Write a Letter to the Editor

  1. Nice job. Letters sent to small papers have a much better chance at being published.

  2. Congressional and state house members alway7s know what their voting for….SPECIAL INTERESTS! Read the act it is plain as day. Generally if you have gambling in your state there is a law against online gambling. I wonder why! But don’t say the Senators didn’t know what they were voting for…BS!

  3. HELLO–

    I am a big supporter of the PPA. I am in contact with the home office. I noticed TWO MORE MAJOR ARGUEMENTS we can use. I am sharing this with members, to add to their letters.

    Please contact me, and I will share them with you.

    I think this Web Site is GREAT. I like all the links to different, interesting and important aspects. I welcome the opportunity to hear from you, and give you the additional two items to add to the letters.




    E MAIL

    Please be sure to include PPA in your subject line.

  4. Excellent Web Site! Very professional and full of great information. I am greatly enjoying it. Your enthusiasm is wonderful!!!

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