Press Release: New Congress Means New Hope for Poker


New Congress Means New Hope for Poker

Washington, D.C. (November 8, 2006) – The Poker Players Alliance, a grassroots advocacy group of more than 125,000 U.S. poker enthusiasts, greeted the change in congressional leadership with optimism for the future of Internet freedoms.

“We believe this will be a more favorable environment moving forward,” said Michael Bolcerek, president of the Poker Players Alliance. “A fresh perspective is needed and we are hopeful that the new congressional leadership will objectively consider the skill game of poker for an exemption from internet gambling prohibitions passed this year and create good public policy by licensing, regulating, and taxing Internet poker in the U.S.”

“The PPA looks forward to continuing our dialogue with all Members of Congress, and we will make every effort to educate new Representatives and Senators in the upcoming session.”

Bolcerek added that he was pleased to hear from many poker players who went to the polls this year, motivated by the federal ban on their freedom to play the game they love on the Internet. “The ‘poker vote’ truly showed up in this election and it made a difference in many close races. As our organization continues to grow in numbers, our influence in Washington DC and throughout the states will grow, as well.”


3 responses to “Press Release: New Congress Means New Hope for Poker

  1. I am a resident of Corona Ca. and a Party Poker website player.I love playing on the internet because it is less time consuming than playing at a casino.who is the best reprasentitive in my area to voice my opinion to be heard in Washington.

  2. The results of the election is one step towards our goal. I have played online Poker since my retirement, and a member of PPA. I’m doing all I can to recruit new members, and urging non-players to write their congressmen and women. Let’s work on the membership, if we work hard we can had two million members this year.

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