Poker Vote 2006 is Here!


Please take some time today to vote and remind others to do the same. Every vote counts.

This election is the beginning of many to come with members of the PPA and its supporters demonstrating their power through voting.

The Poker Players Alliance provides its members with resources to make an informed voting decision. Please feel free to use the following below in making your voting decision today:

I. Check the PPA Member Forums

Use our member forums under your state to see if your candidate has already responded to the online poker issue.

II. Look at their voting record on HR.4411

House of Representatives
Here is a list of members that voted in favor of a poker ban (aye), and those who voted to protect poker (nay). Additionally we have listed those that supported a study commission into internet gaming and for good public policy.

Versions: [html] [pdf]

The Washington Post has also created a votes database. For H.R. 4411 click here and then click on “by state” and choose your state.

Because the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was attached to the SAFE Port Act, it is not possible to determine each Senator’s stand on online poker. Feel free to use our forums or other resources to find that information.

More Resources

1. Discuss poker legislation and organize at the state and local levels for Vote or Fold 2006 in the Poker Players Alliance Member Action Network Forums (note: You will have to create a username and password to post in the forums.)

2. Tell others about this issue and ask them to help checkraise Congress and protect the freedom to play online poker.

3. Other Website Resources:

Poker Players Against Kyl
Election Poll Stats
2+2 Forums
Bluff Magazines’s Legislation Page
CardPlayer’s Poker Law Page
Up For Anything Blog
PPA Member FAQ Page

4. Related Articles & Blog Posts

Online Gambling Bill Co-sponsors Are Vulnerable for Re-election (Poker News, 11/06/06)
On the Ballot: Poker Referendum (Pokerati, 11/04/06)
Enemies of Poker (Bill Rini, 11/02/06)


One response to “Poker Vote 2006 is Here!

  1. Just for the record, even though it says Enemies of Poker (Bill Rini 11/02/06), I am not, nor have I ever been an enemy of poker :-)

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