Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (11/05/06)

What Impact Will the Online Gambling Bill Have on Live Tournament Poker? (Poker News, 11/05/06)
“Many newcomers to the game, especially younger players, women and foreign players, have been able to amass a vast amount of experience online and have been able to parlay that into a great deal of success on the live tournament world. If prevented from playing online (through financial restriction or outright ban), will the same numbers continue to be generated, bringing us new blood to the game?”

World Poker Tour (Lion Tales, 11/04/06)
“I filled out my mail-in ballot yesterday, voting straight Democratic as promised. It was easy to vote for my friend Ross Hunter for State Representative, and Jay Inslee for Congress, one of the few who voted against the Internet gambling ban.”

On the Ballot: Poker Referendum (Pokerati, 11/04/06)
“Election Day is upon us. Don’t know about you, but we’re still a little on tilt here, politically at least … so the plan is to vote aggressively. Below are candidates for public office who have affirmatively shown themselves to be on the right side of poker. Remember, it’s your duty as a citizen/player to remain mindful of position as you cast your ballot.”


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