Excerpts from the PPA Member Forums #2


Here are some posts from folks in the PPA Member Discussion Forums. The purpose of these forums is to help PPA members connect, discuss, and organize.

Also please note that we have begun to add PPA membership promotions offered by online retailers in the Membership Benefits and Discounts forum. We hope to add more in the upcoming months.

Click here to go to the forums.

“I have been busy sending snail mail to all my elected officials and also to the Board of Govenors of the Federal Reserve, the Department of Treasury, the Department of Justice and my local papers. I even sent one to the AM radio station WJNO (Randi Rhodes Show). Letters seem to be more effective than emails…so they say.” from dmist in Poker Legislation

“Im a member of a few poker leagues. Im also a member of the PPA. I use the PPA icon as an avatar on my league forums. I also remind my league of our importance.” from jackdog1963 in Membership Advice, Ideas, and Suggestions

“I’m working on a story about the UIGEA and the upcoming elections. Anyone organizing a “get-out-the-vote” movement for poker players in their district? What other efforts are PPA members making to make sure their voice is heard in the upcoming mid-term elections?” from CasinoCityAaron in Poker Freedom Vote 2006


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