Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (10/11/06)

Only the House Wins (Barrons, 10/11/06)
“At a minimum, U.S. authorities under the new ban would be able to easily win injunctions and default judgments in U.S. courts against offending gaming companies that fail to close down their U.S. operations, virtually eliminating the companies’ abilities to advertise or maintain a U.S. Web presence. U.S. officials are also exploring whether international tax treaties might allow regulators to go after companies and executives on their home turfs for U.S. tax evasion…”

Short Odds for Ignorance (New York Times, 10/09/06)
“The bigger economic story is how this act, by effectively prohibiting Internet betting, could unintentionally slow the emergence of new tools that have the potential to improve the productivity of the private sector and the government. Sadly, this is an aspect of the measure that both its supporters and its opponents seem to have overlooked…”

Resources on Poker Legislation

Bluff Magazine
2+2 Forums
Up For Anything Blog
PPA Member FAQ Page


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