Excerpts from the PPA Member Forums


Here are some of the early posts from folks in the PPA Member Discussion Forums. The purpose of these forums is to help PPA members connect, discuss, and organize.

These forums are just starting out, so your participation is greatly valued. We encourage members to join, read, and just say hello in the forums.

Click here to go to the forums.

” If we continue to make progress on each idea, we are bound to come up with several viable solutions.” from Spidey in the “Organization Advice, Ideas, and Suggestions” forum

“Make a post on any other forum that you may belong to. Usually these forums have a “gaming” section, or perhaps even a “general talk” section where you can post the links to these forums and the PPA.” from Joe7280 in the “Membership Advice, Ideas, and Suggestions” forum

“Howdy from the U.P. of Michigan. I just joined the PPA today and am doing everything I can to promote PPA.” from Manster54 in the “MI-Michigan” Forum


One response to “Excerpts from the PPA Member Forums

  1. Hello all my name is Recrut..I was told about this site by Maxie.Just thought I’d stop in and say hi to everybody out there..

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