Volunteering for the Poker Players Alliance

The Poker Players Alliance are looking for volunteers who are interested in the raising awareness of the PPA, its mission, and helping with membership drives on the local level, for example:

  • working with local cardrooms
  • working with local poker leagues
  • coordinating local PPA activities
  • distributing membership materials
  • creating local PPA chapters
  • contacting local media
  • getting involved with local elections

PPA President Michael Bolcerek has set a goal for 1 million members for 2007. We are over 100,000 strong now, so imagine if we played Doyle Brunson’s hand (10-2) and had each member talk to 10 poker players for 2 minutes about the PPA.

As the Member Action Network is in the planning stages, we would like to get feedback from our members and talk to those interested volunteering at the local level.

Please send ideas, feedback, interest to: volunteers@pokerplayersalliance.org

For more ideas on what can be done, click here


One response to “Volunteering for the Poker Players Alliance

  1. As I live in Washington, DC (8 blocks from the Hill and the White House), I am available to physically lobby members of Congress. I also offer any other volunteer work you might need in Washington.
    Online poker needs to be legalized in the U.S. To take the recently-passed law against online gambling lightly is a big mistake. I believe we need to raise $5-$10 million and take this state by state, as well as on the federal level. I have seen another non-profit organization do it (the Marijuana Policy Project-for legalizing medical marijuana). They really struggled for years, until they got one deep-pocket funder. Now when they raise money for an issue in a particular state, the funder usually matches donations in a fundraising campaign for a specific issue. Therefore, their funds are increasing and now they are able to more easily afford legal fees, lobbying fees, etc. to further their cause. And slowly, one state at a time, they are succeeding. Online gambling could succeed using the same approach.
    Nancy Sellers
    (202) 638-4910

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