Poker Freedom Vote 2006

For PPA members and supporters asking about whom to vote for in the upcoming elections, here is some helpful information:

House of Representatives
Here is a list of members that voted in favor of a poker ban (aye), and those who voted to protect poker (nay). Additionally we have listed those that supported a study commission into internet gaming and for good public policy.

Because the Internet Gambling Amendment was attached to the SAFE Port Act, it is not possible to determine each Senator’s stand on online poker.

To determine your Senator’s (or House of Representative’s) view on the issue, ask them this question:

“Would you support a bill that creates an exemption for online poker similar to online betting on horseracing and online state lotteries?”

Remind them that you are a voter in the upcoming election and that this is a critical factor in determining your vote. Also tell them that you are talking to other voters about this issue and sharing your recommendations.

For your representative’s contact information, click here. Also ask the challenging candidate for their views.

Please feel free to send us their response so we can compile a list for other members.

In an effort to allow PPA members and supporters to discuss poker legislation and organize at the state and local levels for Poker Freedom Vote 2006, we have created a forum space for members to interact:

The Poker Players Alliance Member Action Network Forums

or go to:

You will have to create a username and password to post in the forums.

Other Resources:
Bluff Magazines’s Legislation Page


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