Important Information for PPA Members regarding Internet Gambling Prohibition Act

1. What is the PPA going to do now?

PPA President: Poker Players Alliance Action Plan (Oct.) [pdf version]
“This is no time to panic, but rather we must learn and build from this loss. The Poker Players Alliance is not leaving the fight, although now it is going to take an even greater effort from poker players and our organization to achieve our objectives. What do we want to do now?…”
click here for more [source: Poker Players Alliance]

2. How does the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act affect me?

PPA President: Analysis of Internet Gambling Prohibition Act
“First the bill does not make poker playing illegal on the Internet at a Federal Level, although it will make it much more difficult to enjoy “your game” on-line. As we have mentioned before we are immediately working on your behalf to obtain an exemption for Poker prior to the financial enforcement provisions are finalized (estimated between 3 to 9 months). This is the most important thing that the Poker Players Alliance and its members can do in the short term….”
click here for more [source: Poker Players Alliance]

3. PPA Press Release

Press Release: Poker Players Alliance – Congress Ignores Public Sentiment, Approves Internet Poker Prohibition
“Washington, DC (September 30, 2006) – In a Congressional back room deal, opponents of Internet gambling have added language to port security legislation that would prohibit online wagering. The port security bill with the Internet gambling prohibition language included was approved by the U.S House and Senate late on Friday evening and will be sent to the President to be signed into law…”
click here for more [source: Poker Players Alliance]

4. Current Action:

Poker Vote
“Here is a list of members that voted in favor of a poker ban (aye) ,and who voted to protect poker (nay). Additionally we have listed those that supported a study commission into internet gaming and for good public policy. Please review and vote appropriately.”
[source: Poker Players Alliance]


One response to “Important Information for PPA Members regarding Internet Gambling Prohibition Act

  1. I am outraged by our government’s action against online poker. Poker is a major part of my income and has provided the additional income I need in order to start my new business. I fully support the poker players alliance in their efforts to protect poker and poker players from this government assault. I urge all poker players, no matter what level to join the poker players alliance. We must not allow ourselves to be branded as criminals for enjoying this great American pasttime.

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