Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (9/26/06)

Bill to ban online gambling could pass (Roll Call, 09/26/06)
“A controversial Internet gambling measure may hitch a ride on a Defense Department authorization bill, but as of press time, a standoff over adding legislation to improve courthouse security and crack down on illegal immigrants in gangs continued to hold up action on the overall Defense package…One Democratic lobbyist working against the gambling bill called the past few days a “roller-coaster ride.”…“Frist has been on a jihad about Internet gambling,” this Democratic lobbyist said…“We remain on guard that the Internet gambling prohibition could be included” in any remaining bills, said John Pappas, a spokesman for the Poker Players Alliance, which opposes the ban…”

Internet gambling bill revived in DoD measure (The Hill, 09/26/06)
“Controversial language to curb illegal gambling on the Internet snuck back into the defense authorization bill over the weekend.While the language in the bill was not finalized as of press time last night, the insertion of the Internet gaming language could be a big win for Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.)…”

Some bars to reopen (The Star Press, 09/26/06)
“Authorities who shut down 23 taverns suspected of being fronts for John Neal’s alleged video gambling racket are planning to allow about a third of them to reopen. “Six or seven are worth reopening,” said Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings. “We think they are viable as restaurants and bars without gambling activity — places that are profitable without that.” “Rounders, a Texas Hold ‘Em facility, was right next door in the same building, but according to an article they had pinned on the wall, since Texas Hold ‘Em is a (poker) game of skill, everything was legitimate…”

Secret tapes played in court (Daily Record, 09/26/06)

“A Roxbury police sergeant, accused with five other people of running an illegal casino in Dover, told an undercover detective he knew the county prosecutor was wise to him but that his personal research showed the poker hall to be legitimate, according to a Superior Court hearing Monday…Authorities raided the 5th Street Club on April 29, 2005, saying it operated as an illegal poker den since November 2004. The club was in a converted warehouse on Richboynton Road in Dover under the guise of being a “social club”for select members…”


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