PPA President: Update on Washington, D.C. [text]

It does look promising that IG legislation will not make it on to the DOD appropriation bill, but I caution this is NOT a done deal. In fact many other avenues exist. The fact is that there are several other pieces of legislation that Frist can use to include IG legislation, so even if it is determined that attaching IG Prohibition legislation is not germane to the DOD authorization bill, we are not out of the woods until the end of the week. The PPA lobbying team continues to monitor and respond to events on Capitol Hill.

I just returned from the Hill, after 2 weeks of meeting with over 20 of the leading Senate and House offices, and attending several fundraisers with key members, to continue to push for regulation as a good government approach to internet poker, that prohibition is not the answer and will only send the game underground and ask that at the very least let poker receive a hearing and not be attached to other non-germane pieces of legislation.

I want to thank members and others for their calls on September 12th. It really made a difference when I met with the Senate offices as they had heard quite recently from their constituents. I know that 3000+ calls does not sound like a large amount, and I wish that our phone lines could have handled more, but it made a strong impact.

The most important thing that can be done is to continue to call and let Senators’ know that the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act is still a very controversial issue by stating and re-stating your opposition. You can certainly query the internet for your senate phone numbers or go to our site [click here] and enter your zip code for the number or send the action alert by e-mail.

This battle is far from over, and we are focused on having the best political impact with one of the top lobbying teams in DC.

Michael Bolcerek


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