Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (9/25/06)

House-Senate Disagreement Could Halt Defense Bill (Washington Post, 09/25/06)
“House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R.-Ill.) — in a showdown with Senate Republicans — has vowed he will not bring a major defense policy bill to the chamber floor this week unless Senate negotiators add a federal court security bill and a controversial House anti-illegal-immigration measure, senior House leadership aides say…”
[note: Senators have attempted to attach aspects of the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act to this Defense Bill, click here to read PPA’s press release]

Parents For Poker (Time, 09/24/06)
“…It’s not just that poker in the home keeps kids off the unpredictable streets. Many parents are saying that their kids get real-life lessons from playing poker with one another. Keeping track of the odds and the cards can help sharpen math skills without the kids even knowing it. And perhaps more important for teenage boys, who studies show lag in the development of their emotional intelligence, poker provides personal interaction…”

Local laws cloud some social gambling operations (Associated Press, 09/24/06)
“Eugene officials say the city’s 21-year-old social gaming rules don’t address the poker craze and games that may or may not be legal. A new proposal would control how much players can bet and how much the house can make. In Bend and Redmond, some popular card spots have closed, at least for now, rather than risk breaking laws…”

Poker In College (WagerWeb.com, 09/23/06)
“…There is no serious legislation threatening to shut down bars when college students get busted for drunk driving, so why should there be legislation against online poker just because a handful of students can’t treat it responsibly? College is a time where we are offered tons of freedom, and with that we must learn moderation. Those who can’t do that are doomed to begin with…”


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