Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (9/22/06)

Poker Players Alliance Teams with Poker Stars (Casino City Times, 09/22/06)
“Poker Stars supports the notion that poker players should organize themselves to defend their basic freedoms,” Dalla said. “Currently, the rights of poker players are being threatened at several levels. Poker Stars supports the objectives of the PPA, which is to give a voice to the 70 million poker players in the United States who enjoy playing the game and being a part of a great American tradition”

Another Gamble for Online Betting (Wall Street Journal, 09/22/06)
“It’s never really been clear up to and including now, how the 1961 Wire Act applies to the Internet,” says Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling, an advocacy group that helps gambling addicts. “There’s a lot of gray area to make some arguments. There’s been an utter failure of Congress to address this issue. They’re relying on a pretty antiquated law to stretch over this,” Mr. Whyte says. Pressure on Congress to resolve the issue is likely to increase. Eight states have prohibited Internet gambling — a pattern that has led to calls for a unified national approach…”

US lawmakers seek online gambling bill compromise (Reuters, 09/21/06)
“Congressional leaders are trying to forge a compromise that would allow them to push through legislation banning most forms of Internet gambling, aides said on Thursday.
Top House and Senate lawmakers have been trying to break a logjam that has stalled the Internet gambling legislation by attaching it to any one of a number of must-pass spending bills before the end of the year, aides said. However, they have yet to agree on a final deal…”


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