Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (9/21/06)

Senate Leaders Finding Roadblocks To Online Gaming Legislation (Poker News, 09/21/06)
“Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has come out and said he would oppose any linking of the Internet legislation. Any linking of an Internet gambling bill to another bill would be “unfortunate” in Reid’s words. The ranking Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee (the committee that would review any legislation before sending it to the Senate floor, in the case of the Defense bill), Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, stated that, “It’s not germane…it would make the (defense) bill out of scope. It’s a totally out-of-scope provision.”

Senate Decides Online Gambling Stands Alone (CardPlayer, 09/21/06)
“I think the issue is very simple,” said MGM/Mirage CEO Terry Landry. “You should license it regulate it and tax it. I think to enact laws that you can’t enforce makes no sense whatsoever.”…Nigel Payne, former CEO of Sportingbet.com, who also ran Paradise Poker, ran an experiment during a 60 Minute segment that aired on CBS…Payne made his point, as the boy’s attempts to register with Paradise Poker were futile. Warnings that read, “You must be 18 or older” popped up each time…”This is why regulating the industry is so important,” said Payne. “If you regulate it, you set limits.”

NCSU worker in trouble for poker (Charlotte Observer, 09/21/06)
“A dining program supervisor at N.C. State University faces disciplinary action for using a school computer to play in online poker tournaments after a state auditor’s report said the games violated law and policies. Investigators from the auditor’s office visited the employee’s office and copied the contents of his computer’s hard drive, according to an auditor’s report released Wednesday…”


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