Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (9/20/06)

Frist fails in bid to attach online gambling ban to military bill (PokerListings, 09/20/06)
“The National Right for Online Gaming (NROG) confirmed through their sources in Washington D.C. that Senator Bill Frist failed in his attempt to add the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act to a Department of Defense (DOD) authorization bill…”

Matterhorn Social Club travels a slippery slope (Rocky Mountain News, 09/20/06)
“…Matt Tribelhorn, 72, said he just wanted a place to play poker with his friends. “And my wife was tired of these guys hanging around the house,” he wrote in his application for a permit. Tribelhorn sold his interest in the club several years ago. He described himself as an avid game player: chess, bridge, golf and, of course, poker of any variety…As for the game, Tribelhorn said he wishes Colorado would follow the lead of other states that have legalized and regulated it. “Poker is never going to go away,” he said.”

Young Poker Addicts (Bangor Daily News, 09/19/06)
“Cases of addictive online poker playing have cropped up in Orono at the University of Maine and at local high schools. Dean Robert Dana tells of a university student who lost “many thousands of dollars” at online poker a few years ago and in desperation sought counseling. The dean says he knows that some area high school students are deep into Internet poker. While some Maine school and law enforcement officials say they know of no online poker addiction problems, most of them are bracing for an onslaught that is plaguing other parts of the country.”

I-Gaming: Illegal And Thriving (60 Minutes, 09/17/06)“…Then there’s Internet gambling. The federal government is clear: gambling on the Internet is against the law. And yet millions of Americans do it on hundreds of Web sites, to the tune of billions of dollars. While Internet gaming is illegal in the United States, correspondent Lesley Stahl reports it is absolutely thriving…” [originally aired on 11/20/05]


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