Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (9/18/06)

Reducing the stakes: As the poker craze grows in Eugene, officials seek to regulate the game (The Register-Guard, 09/18/06)
“Eugene officials say the city’s 21-year-old social gaming rules don’t begin to address the poker craze that is fueling games – which may or may not be legal – in bars and card rooms around town. They propose a new ordinance, one that would clamp down on how much players can bet and restrict business earnings from poker.”

Online Poker vs. Online Sports Betting (Poker Player, 09/18/06)
“Stunned by the Government’s shock ‘n awe assault, online gambling companies, poker professionals and celebrities are marshalling their forces – i.e. hiring lawyers, forming committees, and trying to organize legions of poker players into an effective political Army. The World Poker Association, the Poker Players Association, the Poker Players Alliance, and a Professional Poker Players Association are among the foremost attempts to galvanize players into political action (among other objectives).”

Poker Tournaments In Bars — The New Prohibition? (Casino City Times, 09/17/06)
“Gambling, on the other hand, is almost always exclusively a state issue. Not only is the federal government not interested, it usually does not have the power to directly stop the gambling, unless interstate organized crime is involved.But, as the history shows, the bigger issue is that Prohibition was the end result of movements to tell people what they can and cannot do, even when they are not harming anyone else.”

Frist shows his hand (Washington Times, 09/16/06)
“Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is trying to force through a restriction on Internet gambling by incorporating it into the FY 2007 defense appropriations bill, according to reports. By attaching a measure intended to ban Internet gambling to a necessary armed services appropriations bill, Mr. Frist would deprive the members of the opportunity to debate and voice their opposition to this controversial legislation.”

3 arrested, 21 face counts over illegal poker games (The Blade, 09/16/06)
“Three people were arrested, and 21 others will be charged after Toledo police broke up illegal poker games being played at a building in West Toledo. Police seized poker chips, playing cards, surveillance equipment, and more than $4,500 during a search about 11:50 p.m. Thursday at 1446 Sylvania Ave.”


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