PPA President: Update from Washington, D.C. (09/15/06)

Here is what I know from the last 3 days in Senate Offices.

1. This is the Leach Bill in Conference.

2. Accordingly the Leach bill covers all financial instruments, not just CCs (credit cards). I assume that this would cover Firepay and Neteller, but this will not be determined for 270 days post passage, if it passes.

3. This is an hour by hour issue, not even day by day, and with even the best lobbyists in the US, no one can tell you where this will fall.

4. You can help if you live in TN, NH, and IA. These are either key states in a presidential race, or Senator Frist’s own, for which Frist believes are essential for a run at the Presidency in 2008. Strange issue to run on, but we do not run his campaign. (Why was Frist in IA?). Perhaps poker players can call their Senate offices in DC, if they live there. You can look on the net or go to the PPA website to get their DC office.

I want to thank our members, and the on-line community for calling on Sept. 12th. It was a great success. I have met with 15 Senator offices the last 2 days and will continue to represent poker players in the coming weeks, and your efforts provide grassroots constituent interest for me and my lobbying team. Senators now know who the PPA is and have been generally open to a discussion in favor of regulating internet poker, with some reservations, of course. Is it too late, I hope not.

We will continue argue for an exemption for poker, or in opposition to this legislation. Back on the Hill tomorrow, but I thank our members and others who called.

Michael Bolcerek
Poker Players Alliance


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