Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (9/15/06)

Police bust three for illegal poker game (Toledo Free Press, 09/15/06)
According to a news release, the search warrant was a result of a three-month investigation into illegal poker games being played at the location. Police seized poker chips, playing cards, surveillance equipment and U.S. currency during the search, the release said.

North Dakota a Gambling Haven? (Internet News, 09/15/06)
“Outside the Beltway, way out there in flyover land on the prairies of North Dakota, not all Republicans are lining up to support U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s call to ban Internet gambling. In fact, North Dakota State Rep. Jim Kasper says, “My fellow Republicans just don’t get it” when it comes to Internet gambling…”

Online gambling distracts students (The Graphic, 09/15/06)
“Since online poker will likely not be banned, despite Senator Frist’s ongoing efforts, the vice remains available to college students, but I beg those considering taking poker beyond recreation to wait until after college and save these precious four years for education, friendship and maturing as a person.”

Letters to the Editor – Reap profits of wagering (San Antonio Express-News, 09/15/06)
“By the way, Nevada, the first state to legalize casino gambling, also legalized online wagering in 2001 and reaps the benefits from taxes. If other states, including Texas, were smart like a dozen others, they would allow video slot terminals at pari-mutuel facilities and reap the benefits of taxing them. And ultimately, maybe Texas and other states would wise up and reap the benefits of taxing online gambling, too.”


South Carolina poker and gambling case in court (Up For Poker, 09/14/06)
“At long last, South Carolina’s antiquated gambling laws are being challenged in court. Last year, some friends of Up For Poker were playing a friendly tournament in a neighborhood clubhouse when they were raided by a suburban swat team that didn’t have any drug dealers to bust that day. Under 1802 South Carolina law, the guys could’ve been playing Monopoly and been charged with the same crime.”

Dealing Off the Bottom of the Deck (Up For Poker, 09/14/06)
“As the AP reporter pointed out, Frist is not running for re-election to the Senate, instead he is eyeing the 2008 presidential race. Two weeks ago, Frist spoke during a hearing at Coe College in Cedar Rapids and said he would do what he could to get his legislation passed. The House version of the bill is sponsored by Iowa Congressman Jim Leach. Oh… and Iowa holds the first presidential caucus of the 2008 race.”


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