Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (9/14/06)

Frist Targets Internet Gambling (Washington Post, 09/14/06)
“Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is trying use a bill authorizing U.S. military operations, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, to prohibit people from using credit cards to settle Internet gambling debts…Frist, R-Tenn., and his aides have been meeting with other lawmakers and officials in both the House and Senate to get the measure attached to a compromise Defense Department authorization bill, according to a Senate GOP leadership aide”

Purple Lounge And Dream Poker Cut Off U.S. Players (Online-Casinos, 09/14/06)
“Two more online poker sites, Purple Lounge and Dream Poker have decided that the game is not worth the risk as far as American online poker players are concerned, and have consequently barred U.S. players…Further afield, disappointed US players have also received barring notices from sites like Littlewoods, Totalbet, UK Betting and Ritz Club.”

Legal issues raised in card-game case (Greenville News, 09/14/06)
“Greer police took down a Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament at the Brushy Meadows subdivision clubhouse on Aug. 8, 2005, according to court records filed by the prosecutor. At the time of the bust, police said each player chipped in $100, plus $10 for refreshments. Acting on a tip, Greer police arrived at the clubhouse and cited the defendants for a violation of state code 16-19-40, the filing said. As avid poker players, they would have known that Texas Hold ‘Em involved gambling, the prosecution alleged. “The clear legislative intent…is to criminalize gambling,” according to records filed by the prosecution.”

Government Holding All the Cards (Edmonton Sun, 09/14/06)
“White and his business partner have seen their poker tour flourish in British Columbia where as many as 100 people sign up some nights to play Texas Hold ‘Em for fun at about a dozen bars on Vancouver Island or in the Okanagan…White would love to expand his burgeoning business into Alberta, but he can’t. Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) policy prohibits it. “There’s a policy in the regulations that you can’t play casino games such as poker, baccarat or blackjack in bars even if it’s for fun,” said White, who can’t figure out the logic…”

The Telephone March on Washington (LouKrieger.com, 09/13/06)

“From what I’ve been able to gather the telephone march on Washington was a success. At least that’s the buzz that seems to be out there…I’d like to say that our efforts will convince voting legislators to change their minds and vote against H.R. 4411, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act that was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this summer, or better yet, take action to not even allow it see the light of day on the Senate floor.”


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