Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (9/12/06)

PPA Holding Phone March Tuesday (Cardplayer, 09/11/06)
“PPA and Card Player Encourage Poker Players Everywhere to Take Part. The Poker Players Alliance is encouraging poker players everywhere to call their lawmakers tomorrow to express their disdain for the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act.”

Poker Players Alliance In Action Again (Online-Casinos.com, 09/12/06)
“American gamblers who want to express their frustration and anger at attempts by United States legislators to ban online gambling in general and poker in particular were mustered by the Poker Player’s Alliance this week for an innovative and definitely ear-catching protest initiative. Energetic president Michael Bolcerek, with the aid of leading poker blogs and websites, has been urging all US players to make their voices quite literally heard in what he terms a “Phone March on Capitol Hill” this week.”

Press Release:

iGaming Business Discusses Sportingbet with US Lawyer (iGaming Business, 09/12/06)
“Does this arrest mean that proprietors of online casinos and poker rooms are now at risk as well as those from sports books? The position of the DOJ and the texts of the state statutes do not distinguish between sports betting and online casino games such as poker. I believe that they are equally at risk of prosecution”


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