Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (9/8/06)

Sports Bettors Are a Silent Majority That Cannot Harness Its Power (Eye on Gambling, 09/08/06)
“If we ever got our act together, bettors would truly be a force to be reckoned with. Just look at how poker players have reacted to being discriminated against. With effective activist organizations like the Poker Players Alliance lobbying lawmakers and displaying their strength, rest assured poker will get a better deal in future legislation than sports betting…”

Iraq,Bin Laden, Iran, No Online Gambling Poker Ban More Important (Onlinecasino.org, 09/08/06)
“You will think it is a joke, but its true some in Senate wants to use the litle time left in Senate on banning online poker. With Bin Laden still at large, Iran building nuclear bombs, North Korea threatening to test them and while hundreds are being slaughtered in Iraq every day, what are they thinking off in Senate???”

Sportingbet chief charged in New York (The Guardian, 09/08/06)
“The chairman of the online bookmaker Sportingbet has been charged in the US for allegedly violating laws on computer gambling, the company said today. Peter Dicks was arrested at JFK airport in New York early yesterday, in the second such arrest by the US authorities. At a hearing in New York, Mr Dicks was served with a warrant for his arrest by police, for the alleged violation of Louisiana state laws in connection with gambling by computer.”

H.R 4411 Update (Leave Us Alone!, 09/07/06)
“Internet News reports that H.R. 4411, which would invade your financial privacy and censor the internet in a probably futile attempt to crack down on internet gambling, is a priority for Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tn.)…”

Press Release:
Poker Creations Announces Second National Poker Promotion with Milwaukee’s Best Light Beer (09/07/06)
“We have developed a US-legal promotional poker platform that allows sponsors to offer free online poker to their constituencies,” said Michael Clebnik, COO of Poker Creations. “Our poker rooms offer exciting online poker play, but, unlike offshore or remote sites, we offer contestants the opportunity to win prizes, without gambling.”


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