Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (9/6/06)

Frist Pushing Internet Gambling Ban (Internetnews.com, 09/06/06)
“We tried to get it done [Senate passage of the bill] before the recess but were unable to get unanimous consent to bring the bill up,” Karen Weyforth, a spokesperson for Frist’s office, told internetnews.com…To make room on the jammed Senate calendar, Weyforth said Frist hopes to bring up the bill for a vote “with very little debate” by limiting the time available for floor discussion of the legislation.”

7 World Series Of Poker Sponsorships From Millers (Online-Casinos.com, 09/06/06)
“The Poker Creations release quotes a report from the New York Times that there are more than 65 million poker players in the US, where live-money Internet poker sites are considered illegal. This, together with recent actions against a well known sportsbook by US authorities has caused US-based brand owners and media properties to re-evaluate how to align themselves with this burgeoning new audience.”


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