Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (9/1/06)

Group criticizes Congressman’s stand on Internet gambling (Radio Iowa – Des Moines,IA)
“A group called the Poker Players Alliance is criticizing Iowa Congressman Jim Leach’s attempt to curb Internet gambling. Leach, a Republican from Iowa City, is co-sponsor of a bill that would prevent gamblers from using credit cards to wager on-line. The bill has cleared the U.S. House and awaits action in the Senate…”

The line on online bets (The Paramus Post – Paramus, NJ)
“Also, the House of Representatives recently passed a tough anti-gambling law, further regulating payment systems as well as punishing people who facilitate Internet gambling, such as other sites that accept advertising from offshore casino sites. But while the federal government tries to clamp down on Internet gambling sites, do those who actually make bets have to worry about running afoul of the law?…”

Debate swirling around Web’s ‘virtual casinos’ (San Antonio Express-News – San Antonio, TX)
“To further crack down on online gambling, the U.S. House on July 11 passed a bill that would expand U.S. laws banning Internet gambling and make it illegal to use credit cards or checks to place bets. The legislation is pending in the Senate. For years, Congress has considered stronger federal legislation to beef up enforcement against Internet gambling, but lobbying efforts killed the bills, Robertson said…”

Internet poker takes seat at table of politics (Future Tense – American Public Media)
Millions of Americans play online poker, but despite its popularity there’s a growing movement to restrict wagering on the game.


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