Headlines: Poker, Law, and Politics (8/31/06)

Colleges and online poker bans: call or fold? (The Morning Call – Allentown, PA)
“What was billed as a timely discussion of online gambling Wednesday at DeSales University quickly turned into a debate pitting personal freedom against public harm…”

Department charged with illegal gambling, liquor sales (The Tribune-Democrat – Johnstown, PA)
“Texas holdem games have become an increasingly popular way for nonprofit organizations to raise money. In Cambria County, authorities have noted that such games for money are considered illegal and reserved the right to prosecute if complaints are received from the public…”

Banks Balk at Congressional Plan To Cut Off Cash From Net Casinos (Wall Street Journal)
“A group representing 5,000 small banks is opposing a tool lawmakers hope to use to stop illegal online gambling, posing a challenge to what is widely seen as the government’s best shot at cracking down on the activity…”

Illegal Versus Legal Betting (WOAI – San Antonio, TX)
“About 23 million Americans gamble online every year. So, is it legal or illegal? The Bexar County District Attorney’s Office says it’s illegal in the state of Texas…”


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